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Weather or Not?

Hurricane (Atlantic or Pacific Oceans), cyclone (Indian and South Pacific Oceans), typhoon (Western North Pacific or Philippines Oceans), or even a willy-willy (Australia); all mean the same depending on what part of the world you live in.

It All Tastes Good

Would you care for an hors d’oeuvre?  Or is it an appetizer?  Or your first course?  A starter?  Or even better, amuse-bouche!

Making A Difference

In recent months, I have come across various people who have mentioned the phrase “I want to make a difference.”

Just One More, Please

PLANNING AHEAD FOR EXTRA GUESTSJUST ONE MORE, PLEASEMichael St Peters, Event Operations Manager1 May 2018What do you think of when you hear this saying? One more cookie, another slice of pizza, or Lay’s Potato Chip? Well, in the event planning industry, it often...

We Select Entertainers Carefully

We take pride in providing excellence for our clients’. We select entertainers carefully, thoroughly explain our expectations in terms of their overall behavior and demeanor, expected attire, and a in-depth review of their performance or service to be provided.

With an Onsite Event Manager – Onsite, Out of Mind

The value of having an onsite planner is simple: the host can focus on entertaining guests at the event. This means you can truly just relax and enjoy the evening. Any major or minor complications quickly and tactically resolved. Usually, these things can be handled behind the scenes without the host even being interrupted.

On the Road Again? Have a Plan!

I am not comparing myself to Willie Nelson and his famous lyrics, however, I was recollecting about when I had a three week business trip that took me up and down the East Coast of the United States.

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