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Michael St Peters, Event Operations Manager
1 May 2018
What do you think of when you hear this saying? One more cookie, another slice of pizza, or Lay’s Potato Chip? Well, in the event planning industry, it often refers to adding more guests most of the time.
Have you ever been to a friend’s house, restaurant, or special event and there is always just one more person that suddenly shows up? At the restaurant where you made reservations for six and they are the seventh guest?
selecting entertainers
Our goals is to have them see what they imagined their event to be.
Or the best one is at a wedding and the invited guest unknowingly brings the “plus one” person that wasn’t on the rsvp and they now need to sit somewhere that doesn’t exist because nobody knew they were coming? “Scooting over and adding a chair” isn’t always the easy fix.
All these situations are real and can be accommodated; however the inconvenience factor is definitely there. Planning ahead for issues or inconveniences is something we at The Event Concierge are familiar with tackling at many events. Of course it is something we don’t look forward to or turn our head the other way in neglect. We take point at resolving and “making the issue” magically disappear so that our clients don’t see the behind the scenes action.
Our goals is to have them see what they imagined their event to be.  If you are looking for a good time without all the drama, call us with our magic wand and we will be there!


Please also have the common courtesy to respond to reserve your spot at an event or invitation. It’s always in the best interest of the host and planner to accommodate the unexpected guest, but much easier if hosts know that you are coming in advance.

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