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Michael St Peters, Event Operations Manager
1 October 2018
Remember when the only affordable option besides driving yourself was to call a cab? Now the game of transportation has evolved and the options are endless pending what you want to pay.
Sedans, Suburban’s, Mercedes Sprinters, Shuttles and Limousines are all competing for the all mighty dollar. Depending on the day that you need transportation, the price can vary substantially. Is your ride request competing against a local conference in town; is there a major event that needs to transport masses of guests, or is it a major holiday? Like many other businesses, transportation companies charge higher rates when the demands are there for their services.
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These days, in the game of transportation, options are endless.
Technology has evolved and so has transportation, enticing you with the will to open an “APP” and get a ride instantly and on demand. No more standing on the corner hoping for a Yellow car to drive by and actually stop! Anyone who lived in a city that has real cold winters knows what I am talking about! When you needed the ride the most, it was always a challenge. Growing up in the east coast of Massachusetts, I always remembered the mailman’s supposed motto of “neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail will …….” when I was standing in the snow bank getting pelted by hail at 1:00am, thinking maybe the drivers don’t go out in this ridiculous weather. Here in warm and sunny Arizona, if you waited on a corner for a cab to drive by, you would probably miss a week of work.
As a planner, having all the options and knowledge of transportation does make the job a little easier but now there is more vetting of individual cars and companies to ensure they are the “real deal” and not looking to “take you for a ride!” Our tip on transportation is to research your options, ensure they are quality and compare the options.
Our tip on transportation is to research your options, ensure they are quality and compare the options.


Sometimes the cliché of “it’s too good to be true” holds a lot of weight in avoiding mishaps.


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