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Pandemic of 2020 Brings on New Terminology

COVID-19 and the Pandemic of 2020 has introduced us to some new lingo. Just as the meetings and events industry, as well as hospitality in general, has their own set of phrases and terms, it seems like the pandemic created some new phrases too.

What Did You Say

Picture this: It's Sunday evening and you’re thinking about Monday morning and how you have to go to the company annual meeting. Imagine if you got out of bed the next morning and your day was to be filled with happiness because of a few words or phrases?

Event Planning Partners

Event purveyors are also commonly referred to as suppliers, vendors and retailers. You may know them as our caterer, entertainer, rental company, florist, or audio visual source. We are proud to work with them as our event planning partners.

Weather or Not?

Hurricane (Atlantic or Pacific Oceans), cyclone (Indian and South Pacific Oceans), typhoon (Western North Pacific or Philippines Oceans), or even a willy-willy (Australia); all mean the same depending on what part of the world you live in.