Pick-up and Delivery. Think it Through!

event and meeting planner
Michael St. Peters, Event Operations Manager
1 February 2018
Have you ever received a call that something you ordered was ready for pickup?  First thought is great, I will be right over, but did I think it through?

Think it Through

Most of the time, not a lot of thought is put into picking up the packages you ordered.  My situation involved picking up 10 boxes sight unseen.  I was told they are only 16”x16”x16” which didn’t seem that large.  I figured I would pick them up quickly and delivery them but when I got there and saw the pile I was a little overwhelmed.  Having a midsize SUV I didn’t really think it was going to be a problem getting the boxes. After seeing them I really had to put some thought into how I was going to get them all in one trip since I just drove 30 minutes one way to pick them up.


There is a solution to any situation as long as you take the time to think it through.

Situation Resolved

First thing I did was bring them all out to my car and looked at the car and at the boxes and at the car and at the boxes?  I put the back seats down for more space and started putting the boxes inside. The first three fit no problem right behind the front seats and then I realized I could get two more rows in the car equaling nine boxes. Slight problem since I had ten boxes to pick up. Quickly thinking the situation through, I decided I would have a box copilot and placed it in the front seat next to me. Situation resolved and off for delivery. Remember, my initial thought was a quick pick up… this took 45 minutes!

Don’t Take Things for Granted

Sometimes you take things for granted and don’t think them through clearly beforehand. This trip made me realize as a planner, I should have planned a little better.

However, as always, there is a solution to any situation as long as you take the time to think it through.
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