Are you feeling it? Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day!

event and meeting planner

Michael St. Peters, Event Operations Manager

1 December 2017

Love is in the air!  We all know what’s approaching. You know, that special occasion, day to remember (hopefully), rose filled, chocolate indulged, red colored holiday… Valentine’s Day! Time to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day.

Well, we also know and you better start planning if you don’t want to get in trouble with your wife or significant other.  The tried and true methods for this holiday are either a) box of chocolates, b) flowers, c) dinner at a restaurant, or d) all the above. If you want to be traditional and boring, go for it!

plan ahead for valentine's day

If you realize you are not one to plan ahead, maybe now is the time to call the Event Concierge.

However, if you are looking for “brownie points” to get you through the rest of the year, we know how to bake!!  Have you thought about a nice trip out of town or a nice staycation?  We have been there and done both and it is memorable and worth it!  We can help with all the details from travel, accommodations, room amenities, special dining requests and resort services.

If you realize you are not one to plan ahead, maybe now is the time to call someone who does it for a living and get those points you need.  If travel is not in your plans, still give us a call and we can discuss options and ideas that will make it a day to remember.

There is a lot that goes into making each event unique and memorable! Ask The Event Concierge how we can support you in planning a successful event this season.