What Did You Say?

event and meeting planner

Michael St. Peters, Event Operations Manager

May 2019

Picture this: It’s Sunday evening and you’re thinking about Monday morning and how you have to go to the company annual meeting. Imagine if you got out of bed the next morning and your day was to be filled with happiness because of a few words or phrases?

“Good morning”; “What a wonderful day”; “I hope you have a great day”; “May I help you with that?”;  “Can I hold the door for you?”;  “Can I get anything for you?”; “What do you need? I can help”; “Is there anything else I can do for you?”; “Please”; “Thank you.”

Okay, stop dreaming and wake up!!  This may be a dream for some, however, in the hospitality industry, these should be common words or phrases!  Even though simple to say, these common verbiages are how we address our clients and guests.  How many times have you gone somewhere and someone mentioned one of the above words or phrases to you and it made you stop and think “that was nice of them”?  The term “hospitality” is a Latin word meaning “friendliness to guests.”  Showing hospitality involves making others feel comfortable and welcome, and that is what we do at The Event Concierge.

Event table and name tags

A great way to measure the success of an event is by the percentage of smiling faces! 

“We can assist and work with you and your budget for all your hospitality and planning needs.”

If you are at work, at home, or with a friend and know they are planning a party, event or important gathering and want to be part of making it a memorable event, we can assist and work with you and your budget for all your hospitality and planning needs.

 Here at The Event Concierge, we want to show you the true meaning of hospitality through everything we do.

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