‘Tis the season to be Jolly

event and meeting planner

Michael St. Peters, Event Operations Manager

16 October 2017

We have all heard this one before; however the saying may be occurring way too soon!

Nowadays corporations are searching out as much money…

as they can from consumers earlier and earlier with their season to be jolly starting right after the Fourth of July.

In the planning world, we almost have the same schedule.

When the holidays are upon us it is almost too late to plan anything, unless you have someone with experience to help assist you with everything involved. Obviously the more time you can allow for planning, the better your chances to have the event you dreamed of and not something that was pieced together at the last minute. It’s best to plan ahead.

Event planning - plan ahead

Call us to start your event planning and you will have a reason to be jolly!

As Santa says, “making a list, and checking it twice”;

…for us sometimes three, four and five times! Knowing who to call, what to ask, where to look, when to start, and why to plan ahead is our service. The holidays are meant for relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. What the holidays are not meant for is high blood pressure, road rage, or bumper carts in the grocery store!

It is never too early when planning for a holiday or event, however sometimes it can be too late!

We can assist with entertainment, food and beverage services, service staff, transportation, venue location, valet, florals, as well as audio visual and probably anything else you can think of within the rights of the law! You can finally feel holiday and event season in the air, so call us to start your planning needs and you will have a “season to be jolly!”

 It is not uncommon for people to ask what we do here at The Event Concierge, that answer is forever evolving as we will do whatever it takes to make our client’s meeting, banquet, or event a success.