Meet the Events Planners

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Courtney Sirrine Rankin, Social Media Administrator & Project Coordinator

1 August 2017

Clients must often weigh their options between designating an in-office event planner and hiring a professional service like The Event Concierge. Usually, a staff member from their company gets events as extra projects on their plate with little to no event experience. While they might rise to the occasion and organize a great event while juggling their other responsibilities, the odds are not in their favor.

We think it’s important for clients to consider an event planner’s journey and remember that in our industry, you certainly get what you pay for.

Getting to Know You

Each event planner has their own unique style and flair. At the Event Concierge, we pride ourselves on providing “professional planning with a personal touch”. We bring the benefits of expertise and competence while maintaining positive relationships and taking the time to care for each client’s individual needs. We want to get to know our clients in order to better serve them.

Leave it to the Professionals

We have the background and credentials to plan an exquisite event and save you money. In fact, owner Julie Wong graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the prestigious W.A. Franke College of Business. Each staff member is rooted in hospitality and customer service in some way and we all bring valuable life experiences to the table.

Event Planners at Event Concierge

At the Event Concierge, we pride ourselves on providing “professional planning with a personal touch”.

That’s Incredible!

It’s important to understand the experiences and backgrounds of those you work with because it gives you a taste of their credentials and how they operate. We invite clients to interview us when they are making a staffing decision for a major event or meeting. Even if our services are just needed to complement an in-office event planner, we are always looking for new opportunities.

As you begin to plan your company or family’s next meeting or event, consider speaking to us. We will be ready to assist.