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What Did you Say

THE MEANING OF HOSPITALITY What Did You Say? Michael St. Peters, Event Operations Manager May 2019 Picture this: It's Sunday evening and you’re thinking about Monday morning and how you have to go to the company annual meeting. Imagine if you got out of bed the next...

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Past, Present and Future

CELEBRATING OUR COMPANY  JOURNEY Past, Present and Future  Julie Wong, CMP, Meeting and Event Planner April 2019 “Owning and operating a business is a full-time job and either you love it, or need to get out!” I have heard this many times over the years since I...

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Watch Your Time

HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EVENT Watch Your Time Julie Wong, CMP, Meeting and Event Planner  March 2019 Some say it is all in the timing. Well, as a planner, most of the time it is! People joke about others always looking at their watches. However, in order to...

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