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As many of you may have noticed by watching the news lately, there are a lot of big events going on this week in the Valley of the Sun. At first, it surprised me to see that we have the NCAA Final 4 Basketball Championship, Opening Day for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the March Madness Music Festival featuring my personal favorite, Keith Urban. Just one of these events can draw a few thousand people but to have them all in the same weekend is crazy.

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The Power of Networking

Years ago, a coworker said to me, “Julie, you know everyone. If someone has a need, you probably know someone to connect them with to fulfill that need”. She was referencing two previous occasions in which I was able to help her because of the people I know and keeping in touch with their lives and careers.

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How to select an event planner

You want the best for your event and that starts with finding the right event planner or event planning company for your needs. We’d like to think we are always the best choice however; we would also like you to know how to determine that for yourself. We’d like to give you some tips for success on your search for event planning services.

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5 Tips to Selecting Event Entertainers

Entertainment can either make an event a success or a bust. We take pride in providing our clients with professional entertainers who surpass our standards of service and are in line with the event and meeting objectives. Our preference is to hand select each entertainer through a proper vetting process. There are times where the entertainer comes via another vendor as part of a package or the clients themselves have selected them in advance. In either case, you can never be too prepared and we recommend you ALWAYS interview and communicate with the entertainer.

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